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Looking Back – Articles by Alun Hughes

Beaverdams Surrender

Brock’s Fall
Brocks Shoulder
Canal Opening
Duryea to Grove
Early Methodism
Early Shipbuilding
Evolution of St. Catharines
Feeder Canal Communities
First Canal Communities
Fishermans Path
Hendersons Pharmacy
History Errors
History of Power Glen.
Johann Schiller
Laura and Prince
Laura’s Route
Meaning of Niagara
Merritt and Pells Canal
Mountain and Escarpment.
Niagara Mills
Porter Adams
Prince at Niagara
Terrorist Attacks on Canal
Theal House
Welland City
Merritt’s Survey and the Tunnel to Nowhere
Rich Treasure at ‘Thorold Site’
Thurrald – The Lincolnshire Link
The Steadman Story
Thorold for a Song
Thorold’s Voice Falls Silent
Lines on the Land
And Jones Created Thorold
Thorold’s Ancient Signpost
Hidden History
Godiva Rides Again – on Front St.?
Thorold’s First Municipal Election
Duty or Else: Our First ‘Councillors’
John DeCew, George Keefer and the Welland Canal Gamble
When Did Thorold Begin?

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